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Peeing escorte male Mar 4, - Male escort for about 3 years – the worst would be having an out-call and I also got paid $ on two separate occasions to pee into an nypd. May 16, - Water sports, or urolagnia, is nothing new. Clients who seek escorts to engage in water sports with them are looking for the sexual excitement associated with the sight or thought of urine or urination. Other terms for it is urophilia, undinism and the golden shower. Feb 12, - I spent most nights with other drivers and escorts, waiting in our Van Nuys office for take us on the road to guys who perused LA Weekly like it was Chinese takeout. “So you're not angry about the pee, this is about the lie? Listings 1 - 36 of - Watersports escorts in your area are listed on this page. Find a female She is a friendly lady who understood that meetings with men must be brought to art level. . Experience hot addition and great pissing fetish fun.

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Peeing escorte male So, just consuming extra water helps to tame the taste and smell of your urine. Christian is in his mids, tall and toned, with insanely white teeth. Perform all water sports with mess control in mind. Naomi Updated Some girls forgot what they were doing on stage and in lapdances.

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